Frequently Asked Streets/Maintenance Questions


  • Who do I contact if I have a street light out?
    Please call City Hall at 509-276-8801 to report a light out. You will need to provide an address or location of the pole and it will be forwarded on to the correct power company for repair.


  • When will the City fix the pot holes on city streets?
    During pothole season the maintenance crew inspects the city streets regularly and prioritizes repairs based on location and severity of the asphalt.


  • Why can't I park on the street in front of my house?
    Certain areas of the City have No Parking signs from 3:00am-8:00am. The main reason for this is during snowplowing season it is difficult for the graders to manover around the narrow streets when aligned by cars. We suggest all cars be parked in driveways & off city streets to make plowing quicker, easier and also to avoid possibly being plowed in by the graders.