Mayor Tim Verzal

Mayor Tim Verzal

Mayor, Tim Verzal is a long-time resident and active member of the Deer Park Community. He is a former City Council Member, business owner, and is an active volunteer at local events and fundraisers. The Continued growth and development of the City is important to Tim because of his genuine love of the area and its incredible people.

Tim is the proud Father of a Son and three Daughters, as well as four granddaughters, two of which plan on attending school in the Deer Park District.

Tim cares a great deal about our local businesses and is invested in improving the City's economic and aesthetic qualities. His primary goal during his time as Mayor is to make Deer Park a City where anyone would be proud to live. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please don't hesitate to contact him today!


Tim Verzal
316 East Crawford
P.O. Box F