Heather Newsom- Council Position #3

I grew up here in Deer Park and have lived here my whole life. I am currently raising a family, with my kids attending school here. I feel how we handle the growth of our town is important. We aren't going to stop growth so we need to do it wisely. We need to continue supporting our small local businesses, as well as new ones showing up. I would like to work with the Chamber of Commerce to attract another grocery store to the City of Deer Park. I would like to see Deer Park have its own police force someday. Now is the time to gather information and start planning for our growth and when would be the right time to implement our own force. My hope is to get more of the neighborhood involved. The future formation of the community will ensure growth of our connections with each other and the city. It's not just my own opinions that matter, it is the entire town. I will do my best to hear what the people's concerns are and how we can address them as allowed by a council member.