Parks & Trails

Earl D. Mix Park
Located at 301 West 4th, Mix Park was recently expanded adding 3 additional acres to the park as well as a 30 car parking lot.
This park is named after the longest running Mayor of Deer Park. Earl Mix was Mayor from June 1935 - May 1960. Please click the link above for more information.

Swinyard Park
226 South Margaret. Named after long time resident and prior Mayor from June 1960 - December 1977 James G. Swinyard. Swinyard Park is home to the City Pool and Skate Park. For more information about Swinyard Park and amenities please click the link above.

Veteran's Park
Located on the site of the old railroad depot on South Main Street. Veteran's Park is now a nice sitting area, where the Veteran's Memorial billboard is located.

Country Club Park
Country Club Park was created when the Golf Course area was developed. It sits around the area of 505 N. Country Club Drive. There are picnic tables, a small basketball court, public restroom and playground equipment. This park is open to the public, no reservations required.

Shamrock Glen Park
Built with the new housing development off of Crawford & Weber, Shamrock Glen Park has a covered picnic area, restrooms with playground equipment open to the public, no reservations.

Deer Park Meadows Park
Located at 1010 N. Main, this park has picnic tables, public restrooms, playground equipment and a open grass area.

Perrins Field
Perrins Field is named after Sam Perrins, a once popular Deer Park coach and teacher. Perrins Field is used by several sport organizations and is where the Kiwanis sponsored Big Top Circus is held every other year.

Sports Complex
The City owns and maintains the Sports Complex located at 801 South Weber, across the street from the High School. The two baseball diamonds are used by the High School softball/baseball teams and Adult Softball Association. Please contact City Hall for schedule/reservation information.

Cross Country Ski Trails

Over four hundred acres of forest land awaits hikers, equestrians, snow shoers, and x-country skiers  at the Deer Park Airport property off Missile Site Road.  Please Click the link above for more information.