• How is my utility bill calculated
    The base rate for water/sewer is $87.97 (rate increase effective January 2023) for 4000 gallons of water. Anything over that amount is based on consumption you use. Water is charged $.79 for every additional 1000 gallons.
    ***Visit the 'Water Use It Wisely' website HERE to view water saving tips.


  • I lost/found a dog, what do I do?
    SCRAPS took over animal control duties in City Limits of Deer Park as of January 2014. SCRAPS is now the licensing agency for both dogs AND cats. For animal control questions or concerns, please contact SCRAPS at 509-477-2532.

  • How do I register to Vote? OR Update existing registration
    Register or update online at www.myvote.wa.gov
    Mail in registration forms can be picked up at City Hall.

    Completed ballots can be dropped off at:

    Deer Park Library Ballot Drop Box

    208 S Forest Avenue
    Deer Park, WA 99006

  • How do I license my business with the City of Deer Park?
    Your business must first be licensed with the State of Washington. The City requires a business registry from all businesses who reside and/or doing business inside City limits. The cost of the registry is $30.00 and is due annually (they are not pro-rated). Licenses can be paid online HERE or via telephone through Business License Services at (360) 705-6741. Licenses cannot be paid at City Hall.

  • When can I burn my yard/garden debris?
    Burning yard/garden debris is no longer an option in Deer Park. Effective January 1st, 2007 RCW 70.94.743(b)Prohibits yard, garden and land clearing burning in UGA's (Urban Growth Areas) across the state. What are my options? Click this link to find out how to dispose of  your yard/garden debris.

  • How can I check if I have a water leak?
    Water leaks can be very expensive as well as cause a lot of damage if not caught early. To check your meter to see if you have a leak follow these instructions:

    *First located your water meter. Some houses may have a meter vault in their yard, some meters may be inside the garage or basement.

    * Make sure all faucets, toilets & sprinkler systems are off.

    * If there is no running water in the house the red meter arrow on the meter should not be running. If the meter is running that is a good indication water is going somewhere, it's just a matter now of locating where the water is going.

    Contact City Hall if you need assistance in locating or reading your meter.

  • How do I start utility service?
    1. Applications for service can be downloaded HERE or picked up at City Hall.
    3. Customer must provide application, mailing & service addresses, date of birth, and phone numbers. Place of employment and phone number and emergency contact information. 
    4. No deposit is required.

* For rentals- The City does not bill renters on an owners behalf. The utility account will remain in the owners name and such owner will be responsible for paying the monthly water/sewer bill.