Ground Lease Information

Individuals interested in purchasing an existing hangar or renting ground to construct a new hangar must contact the Airport Manager for information about available sites and procedures. (509)276-3379

The current lease rate varies from $.14 - $.22 per square foot of parcel, depending upon the infrastructure installed at the site. In addition, all leases are subject to the Washington State Leasehold Tax of 12.84%. This tax is in lieu of private property tax.

Click here for guidelines on Aeronautical Development at Deer Park Airport.

Hangar Availability:

All Hangars at Deer Park Airport are privately owned. The following individuals may have a hangar or space within a hangar for rent or sale. Contact them directly:




Deer Park Air Center (509)280-8538 Space in hangar for rent
Leland White (503)701-7982 Space in hangar for rent
Raymond Thomas (509)993-9843 Hangar for rent
Mike Bell
(509)710-3892 Hangar for rent
Rich Benscoter  (208)610-9702
 Space in hangar for rent



Aircraft Tie-Down Information:

Tie-down Rate: Call Airport office for rates

Tie-down agreement required. Click HERE to download agreement application.

Notice of Tie-down Fee Increase Effective March 1st, 2022
Last updated 2/1/2022